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fiddling, fiddling, piddling
fiddling (FID ling) (verb)
To move or to handle something with the hands or fingers in a nervous way: Willa was nervously fiddling with her pen as she was waiting for the test to start.
fiddling (FID ling) (adjective)
Concerning folk music, country music, etc., played on a violin: My friend, Norman, recently won first place in a fiddling competition.
piddling (PID ling) (adjective)
Descriptive of something inconsequential or petty: Eugene was unhappy about the piddling amount of money he was receiving for all the work he did last month.

Greta was fiddling around in the attic when she discovered the fiddle her uncle used to play.

She had fond memories of the fiddling concerts in the kitchen when she was growing up in Newfoundland; but now, many people think that kitchen concerts are of piddling consideration.