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facetious, fictitious
facetious (fuh SEE shuhs) (adjective)
Used to describe speech that is meant to be funny but that is usually regarded as annoying, silly, or not proper: Frieda's facetious remark certainly did not fit the situation.
fictitious (fik TISH uhs) (adjective)
Not true or real: The characters in the novel are all fictitious and imaginary.

The book reviewer made a facetious remark about the fictitious characters in the short stories.

fictitious (adjective), more fictitious, most fictitious
1. Relating to not being true or genuine, and intended to deceive or used for tricking people.
2. Pertaining to being invented by someone's imagination; especially, as part of a work of fiction.
3. Referring to not being genuinely believed or felt; a sham: Margaret greeted her brother with fictitious enthusiasm.
4. Etymology: as a type of literature, about 1599: fictitious is from about 1615; from Middle Latin fictitus, a misspelling of Latin ficticius, "artificial, counterfeit"; from fictus, past participle of fingere.