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daffynition, fictionary, lexicomedy (s) (noun); daffynitions, fictionaries, lexicomedies (pl)
daffynition (daf" uh NISH uhn) (noun)
A combination of "daffy" and "definition" referring to funny definitions and word play: At the very minimum, a daffynition is a humorous way to consider the meanings of words.
  • questionable: what Cain did when he was curious about what his brother Abel was so upset about.
  • outlying: where your prevaricating son is now.
  • laplander: anyone who can't keep his, or her, balance in a crowded subway.
  • gruesome: how they got their fresh vegetables.
  • groan: a fully matured person.
  • aspen: a donkey coral.
  • abdication: giving up on stomach exercises.
  • dictionary: the only place where "divorce" comes before "marriage".
  • gossip: a news source from one person based on a series of contributers.
  • jury: a panel of twelve untrained in law who are asked to render their legal decisions.
fictionary (FIK chuhn airy) (noun)
A composition of fake, or make-believe, definitions from "fiction" and the last part of "dictionary": There are those who believe that "daffynition" and fictionary are synonymous.
  • glazing: sleeping with the eyes open, a popular pastime at conferences and early-morning meetings.
  • sarchasm: The gulf between the person being sarcastic and the person who doesn't understand what it means.
  • keystroke: when only one side of the computer keyboard is working.
  • legend (leg-end): the foot or where the foot is located.
  • information (in formation): how military aircraft fly.
lexicomedy (lex" i KOM uhdi) (noun)
A source of facetious or humorous definitions or a publication that is always changing the subject on every page: Another source of off-beat definitions can be found in lexicomedy, a presentation of word play definitions.
  • diet: a form of wishful shrinking.
  • dieting: corporal downsizing.
  • dieting: life in the fast [fasting] lane.

I bought a new dictionary which was really a fictionary although it pretended to be scholarly; I laughed when I read the definition of daffynition and then wrote to my sister about dieting while she was driving her sports car "in the fast (fasting) lane".

I included a P.S. in my letter to explain the lexicomedy reference.