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fiance, fiancé (s) (noun); fiances, fiancés (pl)
1. A man to whom a woman is engaged to be married.
2. Etymology: from French, past participle of fiancer, "to betroth"; from Old French fiancier, from fiancé, "trust"; from fier, "to trust"; from Latin fidere, "to trust".
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fiancé, fiancée, finance, finance
fiancé (fee" ahn SAY, fee AHN say) (noun)
A man who is engaged to be married: The young lady said, "Let me introduce you to my fiancé."
fiancée (fee" ahn SAY, fee AHN say) (noun)
A woman who is engaged to be married: Bryan introduced his fiancée to his relatives.
finance (fuh NANS, FIGH nans") (noun)
The way in which money is used and handled: Chad will be taking a university course on personal finance so he can become a specialist in personal investments.
finance (fuh NANS, FIGH nans") (verb)
To buy something by borrowing funds that will be paid back over a period of time: Greta had to take on a loan so she could finance the purchase of a new car.

My fiancé, who works in the finance sector of the economy, introduced me to his family as his fiancée.