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few, phew
few (FYOO) (adjective)
Relating to a small amount or of a small number of something: Chris read not many, but just a few pages of the book before falling asleep.
phew (FYOO) (exclamation)
An expression of relief, fatigue, surprise, or disgust: Nancy exclaimed, "Phew! I thought we were going to miss this train!"

Phew! It's hot in here.

Phew! What's that odor?

Craig muttered, "Phew! Even though I had only a few pages to read to finish the book, it seemed to take me forever."

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(Latin: few, little; insufficient)
(a few words from the Reader's Digest, March, 1932)
(a few words from the Reader's Digest, July, 1940)
(just a few of the many important words with several applications in common practice and referring to special technical and scientific operations)
(A few clips from Old Age Is Not for Sissies by Art Linkletter)
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Many are called but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14)
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