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fertility (s) (noun), fertilities (pl)
1. A situation in which quantities of young offspring result: As a biologist, Lisa was assigned to determine the effects of pollution on the fertility of the fish in the state of Washington.
2. The capability of supporting the growth of agricultural plants: The drought in California has resulted in a severe decrease in the fertility of the land for citrus fruit, grapes for wine, and many other plants for human and animal consumption.
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fertility (adjective), more fertility, most fertility
1. A reference to the existence of animal species and plants: Generally, the fertility lives of animals and plants in arid regions is not as plentiful as in wetter areas.

Is it possible that there are more fertility results among animals when they are not harassed by hunters?

2. The capability of a plant, animal, or the mind to produce something; such as, an idea or to reproduce its kind: The emergence of the new art that blends traditional art and science proved to be the fertility concepts inspired by new discoveries in science.

Many cultures have chosen to judge the worth of its women by their fertility conditions and their ability to produce children.

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(Latin: fruitful, fruitfulness; fertile, fertility)
(May, the month of fertility)
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Agriculture and Fertility: Demeter, Ceres
Greek: Demeter (goddess)
Latin: Ceres (goddess)

Goddess of agriculture. Symbols: sheaf of wheat, poppies, and the cornucopia (the horn of peace and plenty).

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fertility cult (s) (noun), fertility cults (pl)
A form of religion that has ceremonies which are intended to maintain the reproductions of the people and the agriculture of a community: Abraham and his wife, Sara, were members of a fertility cult because they wanted to guarantee the future well-being of the people in their group, have more children, and, at the same time, provide good harvests of nourishing food for everyone.
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total fertility rate
In a given population, a statement of the total number of children that would be born to a representative woman, if she were to live to the end of her reproductive years and have children at various age levels in accordance with the prevailing age-specific fertility rates.
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