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feral (FIR uhl, FER uhl) (adjective), more feral, most feral
1. Relating to an animal which is wild, savage, or has escaped from domesticity and is untamed: During the night, the feral cats were in Joe's backyard attacking and fighting each other.
2. A reference to existing in a natural situation, as animals or plants: Such feral elements of nature are not domesticated or cultivated.
3. Characteristic of wild animals that are sometimes ferocious after returning to the wild following a period of mutual relationship with humans: Jill's neighbor saw a group of feral dogs, which once lived with her, roaming in the forests when he went hunting.
Wild and ferocious.
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Untamed and fierce.
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Referring to an untamed and wild, savage animal.
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Although the term feral is not from the anima-, anim- origin, it does come from Latin fera, "wild animal, wild beast"; from ferus, "wild".

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ferrule, ferule, feral
ferrule (FER uhl) (noun)
Usually a metal ring or cap that is placed around the end of a wooden stick or handle to strengthen it: Stanley repaired the handle of the broomstick by using a ferrule.
ferule (FER uhl) (noun)
A rod or ruler used in punishing children: Steve remembers his mother saying that the teacher at her school used a ferule on their hands if they were not clean.
feral (FER uhl) (adjective)
Wild, savage, escaped from domesticity and turned wild: The feral cats gathered on the back fence to meow at the moon.

The witch in the forest used a ferrule to straighten her ferule which she then used to chase the feral cats away from her Candy House.