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(Latin: theft, robbery, felony; from latrocinium, service of mercenaries; freebooting, robbery; latro-, a mercenary soldier, or a robber)
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felony larceny (s) (noun), felony larcenies (pl)
Robbery or a crime that is punishable by serving time in a state prison of the U.S. because it is considered to be a serious crime as opposed to a "misdemeanor" that is considered to be a minor crime: After being convicted by the court of felony larceny, the real estate agent was sentenced to five years in prison.
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felony (s) (noun), felonies (pl)
1. Serious crimes; such as, murder, rape, arson, or burglary: Felonies are punishable by a more severe sentence than that which is given for a misdemeanor.

There were several crimes in early English law that were punishable by forfeiture of land or property and even by the possible loss of one's life or a part of his or her body.

A felony is sometimes called a "high crime" because it is considered to be more serious. A felony is different from a misdemeanor as far as the amount of punishment a person will receive when convicted.

In the United States, a felony is a crime that has a sentence of more than a year in prison; on the other hand, a year or less in prison signifies that the crime is a minor one which is punishable by a fine or a small jail term; in other words, traffic or parking violations are usually dealt with informally, without a trial.

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