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felinophobia, gatophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An abnormal hatred of felids: Steven's felinophobia sometimes handicaps him and he is unable to go outside his home for fear of encountering any kind of cat.

Shirley had gatophobia and was quite afraid to go to the neighbors to visit because their cat always wanted to jump up on her lap and be petted.

A postal woman is attempting to deliver mail to a house as a cat watches her approach.

Cat attacks postal woman.
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The scenes shown here represent an actual attack by a cat on a postal-delivery woman in Germany whenever she tried to deliver the mail. According to a German TV presentation, the cat would attack the postal-woman when she tried to deliver mail to the house. Did the cat resent an invasion of its territory or did it simply have an abnormal hatred of uniforms?

Whatever the reason for the feline's behavior, its owner had to pick up his mail at a neighborhood bar because he refused to restrict the freedom of his cat to come and go whenever it desired.