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faint, faint, feint
faint (FAYNT) (adjective)
Concerning someone who has little strength or vigor; dizzy, light headed: After hearing about the death of her son, Marilyn was quite faint.
faint (FAYNT) (noun)
Loss of consciousness: While Jodie was watering her flowers, her neighbor saw her suddenly pass out in a faint on the grass.
feint (FAYNT) (noun)
Trick, ruse, stratagem; a misleading movement or attack directed toward one part to draw defensive action away from the actual target or objective: The baseball pitcher usually made a feint just before he threw the ball to first base.

Christi thought she would faint when she saw her friend feint a heart attack and fall to the floor.

feint (verb), feints; feinted; feinting
1. To pretend to make a movement; especially, to trick an opponent in a sport or a fight.
2. A deceptive action made to disguise what is really intended.
3. A mock attack by a military force which is intended to draw the enemy's attention away from the real objective.
4. Etymology: from French feinte, "a feint, a sham"; an abstract noun from Old French feint, (13th century) "false, deceitful"; originally the past participle verb form of feindre.
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