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feat, feet, fete, fete
feat (FEET) (noun)
An act of bravery, skill, endurance, or ingenuity: The feat of the first man to walk on the surface of the moon will not soon be forgotten.
feet (FEET) (noun)
The plural form of "foot"; the part of a person's body on which he/she stands or walks: Was it Napoleon who said that an army marched on its stomach as well as using its feet?
fete (FAYT, FEET) (verb)
To honor someone or to celebrate something with a big party or public event: The university decided to fete the winning football team with a parade.
fete (FAYT, FEET) (noun)
A festival or feast; an elaborate, often outdoor entertainment: The community decided to have a fete to celebrate the charity work done over the years by a group of dedicated volunteers.

It was an extraordinary feat when Georgina danced in her bare feet during the dance competition at the fete. In fact, the judges decided to fete her and gave her a coupon to buy a new pair of shoes for her feet.

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(Greek: melos, limb, body extremity or member; a condition of the limbs or extremities of a body; such as, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, etc.)
(Latin: foot, feet; people often see this ped element in other words. When people refer to "pedal extremities", they mean "feet". When anyone pushes the pedals of a bicycle, it is done with the feet. A pedestrian must use the feet for walking. A quadruped has four feet while a centipede has "100 feet"; or a large number of them because it may be impossible to count all of them.)
(Latin: ring, an iron ring for the feet; circle; (so called because of its form); usually the posterior opening of the alimentary canal through which undigested food is voided; the anus)
(therapeutic applications to the feet for greater health)
(learning English words from Latin and Greek elements)
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expeditious, expedite: foot or feet, free to move unhindered and quickly
Origins of the words expeditious and expedite.
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