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fecundity (fe KUHN di ti) (s) (noun), fecundities (pl)
1. Physical reproduction or the capacity for bringing forth young ones: One man and his wife had an abnormally large fecundity of children as illustrated in the image below.
2. The faculty or power of being fruitful with material things: There is a fecundity of animals, plants, etc. and of immaterial things; like words, wisdom, power, etc.
3. The intellectual results of a creative imagination: There is a fecundity of various forms of writing in abundance; such as, in newspapers, magazines, books, correspondence, etc.
4. In biology, the power or quality of producing offspring rapidly and in large numbers: There is one fecundity that exists in nature which is the ability to produce mature, fertilizable ova or eggs, and to cause them to become living creatures.
A great fertility for having children.
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Do you know why the man is asking the father about "going broke buying cigars" based on the many children that he has?

  • In some places; such as, the United States of America and Cuba, when mothers gave birth to babies, the fathers traditionally handed out cigars to friends and family members announcing that a new child had been born.
  • This tradition may still be practiced in our modern times; however, now it usually happens after the birth at a party celebrating his or her being a new baby.
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