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fax (s) (noun), faxes (pl)
1. An exact copy, or reproduction, of something; such as, a document, a coin, or somebone's handwriting.
2. 3. A method, or device, for transmitting documents, drawings, photographs, or the like, by means of radio, or telephone, for exact reproduction elsewhere.

An abbreviated form of "fax" is normally used for "facsimile messages".

From an etymological perspective, it is redundant to say, "Would you make a facsimile of this document, please." The term facsimile came from the Latin phrase fac simile, meaning "to make similar", and it was at one time written in English as two words.

In its first recorded English use, facsimile meant "the copying of anything; an imitation".

fax (verb), faxes; faxed; faxing
1. To produce exact reproductions, as of documents.
2. To send a message or document via a special machine or method on the internet.
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