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Fauna (s) (noun) (no plural)
Animals; from the name of a Roman fertility goddess, wife, sister, or daughter of the god Faunus: Fauna is also known as the goddess Diana who was the mother of wild creatures and she had a satyr-consort, Faunus, corresponding to the androgynous Dianus who merged with Diana.

The name of Fauna came to mean "animals" because the many-breasted Diana was supposed to give birth to all animals and to nourish them with her numerous breasts, as shown on her famous statue at Ephesus.

Another name for Fauna was Bona Dea, the "Good Goddess".

fauna (s) (noun); faunae, faunas (pl)
1. The animal life of a particular region or period, considered as a whole: 1. In her biology class at school, Nancy was particularly interested in the fauna of the sea, including fish and molluscs.
2. A catalog or list describing the animals of a particular place or time: In order to give his report on the wildlife of his area, Jim’s teacher gave him a fauna to read.

Animals from Australia or a geographical region.
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Animals from a certain geographical area.
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(fauna [animals] and flora [plants] at the bottom of the sea)
(Greek: deep, depth; the fauna and flora of the bottom of the sea; sea bottom; depth [by extension, this element includes lake, river, and stream bottoms])
(Latin: animal; a collective name for the animals of a certain region or time)
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littoral fauna and flora (s) (noun, littoral faunas and floras (pl)
Animals and plants inhabiting the sea-shore and the shallow sea near the shore.
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