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fault-finder, faultfinder (s) (noun); fault-finders, faultfinders (pl)
1. A person who points out imperfections and complains about what another person does, or people do or don't do: There were often conflicts in the relationships of the couple because Sally was often more of a fault-finder.

If ever there was a faultfinder, it is Sean's aunt who is always complaining about how he looks and what he does or doesn't do.

2. An instrument designed to locate leaks in an electric current: As part of the house inspection, Sam, the engineer, used a fault-finder to detect any problems with the electrical system.
3. The systematic investigation of malfunctions in an electronic apparatus: The engineers were developing fault-finders which are instruments that could be used to guarantee the proper functioning of the computer systems which would be utilized by the new internet service providers.

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