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fate (s) (noun), fates (pl)
1. Literally, something spoken (by the gods): "The Romans had an ancient belief that fate was the sentence of the gods and that whatever the gods said was what would happen to them."
2. The force or principle believed to predetermine events.
3. A consequence or final result.
4. Destiny or something that inevitably happens to someone or something.
5. An unhappy consequence or a disastrous or ruinous outcome.

Fates and their decisions for destinies. Fates and their decisions; an old Greek story.

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(The Greek goddesses of destiny)
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irony of fate (s) (noun), irony of fates (pl)
A situation in which something happens that is very desirable in itself, but it is so badly timed that it isn't of any use or it is no longer an advantage: By an irony of fate, although Joseph had been living in poverty all of his life, he inherited a fortune; however, he was so old and incapacitated with an illness that he could not enjoy it.
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