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fatal (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Controlled or decreed by fate; predetermined.
2. Causing or capable of causing death: "Karla's brother died in a fatal car accident."
3. Causing destruction, disaster, or ruin.
4. Marking an important or decisive stage in a process or series of events.
5. Etymology: from Latin fata, fatum, "thing spoken (by the gods), one's destiny"; from fari, "to speak".
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fatal, fateful
fatal (FAYT'l) (adjective)
1. Regarding a situation that brings about death: Certain diseases can be fatal or deadly.
2. Concerning something that causes ruin or failure: The burglar made a fatal mistake in his undertaking and got caught.
fateful (FAYT fuhl) (adjective)
Pertaining to crucial, momentous, and important results: Clarice's life changed on that destined and fateful October evening.

Linwood remembered that fateful day when the fatal explosion at the mine marked the end of the mining industry in his area.

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(Latin: death, deadly; fatal, lifeless; kill, killing; die, dying; mortal, mortality; destructive)