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Short for fanatic.
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fan, fan, fan
fan (FAN) (noun)
1. A device for creating a current of air or a breeze; especially; a machine using an electric motor to rotate thin, rigid vanes in order to move air, as for cooling: The engine was cooled by an electric fan.
2. A flat object that is held in a person's hand and waved back and forth in front of his or her face: It's a good thing that they each had a fan to use on their trip so they could cool themselves a little bit during those hot summer days.
fan (FAN) (verb)
1. To move air on or toward someone or something with a waving object: It was so hot that day that Shana had to fan herself with a newspaper while she was waiting for the train.
2. In a figurative sense, to make an emotional situation more dangerous, so people become angrier and more likely to act in a violent way: The speakers at the political meeting were trying to fan the group to march against the policies of the government.
fan (FAN) (noun)
Someone who likes and admires a famous person or something; such as, a sport or a sports team in a very enthusiastic way; an ardent devotee; an enthusiast: Ursula is a great golf fan and she is Merlin's most loyal fan.

This term for fan is a shortened form of fanatic or someone who is overly enthusiastic about something or anyone who has extreme ideas about politics, religion, etc.

Silas is a fan of indoor sports and he often goes to the local stadium. Sometimes it is hot in there because the electric fan doesn't work and because the hot music seems to fan the enthusiasm of the crowd and he must use his program as a fan to fan his face.

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alluvial fan
A feature found in deserts, the result of stream deposits accumulating where stream channels emerge from the base of mountains and channel gradients (slopes or inclines) level out.
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