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family (s) (noun), families (pl)
1. A unit of people who live together, who function as a single household and who are related to one another; usually, consisting of parents and offspring: The family all lived on the farm by the river where they all worked together.
2. A body of people who are closely related by birth, marriage, or adoption: The large family included aunts, uncles and several adopted cousins.
3. All of the folk (living and dead) who are descended from a common ancestor: Shirley comes from a very famous family which included a sea captain.
4. An association whose members are related in origin, characteristics, or occupation to each other: The family of traveling repairmen who mended broken things were well-known for the high quality of their workmanship.
5. Related languages or a set of languages that have a common origin: Interestingly enough, Estonian and Hungarian belong to the same language family.
6. Something that is used, owned, or employed by a closely related party, or that which is suitable for such a group: All of Ted's children and his wife got into the family car for the trip to town.
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(Greek: a suffix used to form the names of families in zoology and biology; descended from, related to)
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blended family (s) (noun), blended families (pl)
A common group of people including children from previous and current relationships: The parents in blended families often refer to their children as "yours", "mine", and "ours".
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single-parent family (s) (noun), single-parent families (pl)
A mother or a father who lives together in a household with his or her offspring: A single-parent family consists of only one of the parents who is living with a child or children.
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