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falsification (s), falsifications (pl) (nouns)
1. A willful perversion of facts or a deliberate misstatement or misrepresentation: Sam Black was arrested because there had been a falsification of some of his legal documents.
2. The intentional alteration of a record, an account, or any document, so as to render it untrue: The clerk, Mrs. Thomas, thought she could get away with the falsification of the financial records.

Falsifications occur more often in insurance and real estate contracts and false advertising is also considered to be misrepresentations or falsifications.

Sometimes a contract that contains or constitutes misrepresentations may be considered to be a deliberate falsification.

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retrospective falsification (s) (noun), retrospective falsifications (pl)
An unconscious distortion of memories of past experiences so as to conform to some current emotional needs: Under stress, Susan's mother experienced retrospective falsification and appeared not to remember events as they actually had happened.
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