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false (adjective), more false, most false
1. Contrary to facts or the truth: Melinda was trying to enter the country with false documents.
2. Descriptive of that which is deliberately untrue: The judge found out that Grace, the witness, was giving a false testimony during the trial.
3. Conveying mistaken ideas: Jack had false hopes of writing a successful novel.
4. Intentionally deceptive: Audi had a trunk with a false bottom in it for hiding her valuables.
5. A reference to being treacherous or untrustworthy: Rene turned out to be a false friend.
6. Pertaining to that which is not the real thing: Monroe was having difficulties when eating because of his false teeth.
7. Referring to lying or being dishonest: The police warned the criminal not to make any false statements.
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false, faults, faults
false (FAWLS) (adjective)
1. Not real or genuine and not really what it seems to be: Galen presented his false, or forged, documents to the police.
2. Concerning something which is based on mistaken ideas: Jane commented, "Mary, your conclusions are based on false and incorrect assumptions."
faults, (FAWLTS) (noun)
1. Bad qualities or parts of someone's character: Tonia still loved Bruce despite his faults of overeating and not exercising.
2.Responsibility for problems, misfortunes, bad situations, etc.: Despite all of his faults and mistakes, Mike was still Elma's best friend.
faults, (FAWLTS) (noun)
Cracks or breaks on the earth’s surface, or just below the surface; often associated with earthquakes: Riding in a helicopter, Jeremy was able to see the faults crossing the desert.

People heard a report about the risk of earthquakes to towns that were built on the faults across the desert.

This report worried Sheena until she realized that the report was false because it was written on April 1; that is, April Fool’s Day!

A man who works in a "Seismology Lab" once said, "I can predict earthquakes."

Would that make him a faults prophet?

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(Old English: -leas, from leas, "free from, devoid of, false, feigned"; suffix meaning "lacking")
(Greek: false, deception, lying, untrue, counterfeit; used as a prefix)
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alpha error, false positive
The statistical error made in testing a hypothesis when it is concluded that a result is positive, but it really is not.
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cirrus spissatus; cirrus densus, cirrus nothus; thunderstorm cirrus, false cirrus
A cloud species which is unique to the genus cirrus, of such optical thickness as to appear grayish on the side away from the sun, and to veil the sun, conceal its outline, or even hide it completely.

Cirrus clouds are composed of small particles, mostly ice crystals, that are fairly widely dispersed, usually resulting in relative transparency and whiteness and often producing a halo phenomena (colored or whitish rings, arcs, pillars or spots of light) which are not observed with other cloud forms.

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false alarm (s) (noun), false alarms (pl)
1. A loud, repetitive noise that is used to mislead people into thinking that there is a crisis, or a life-threatening situation, when there really is none: The false alarm at the school resulted in firefighters going there for nothing.
2. Something that causes people to wrongly believe that a bad or dangerous thing is going to happen: The report in the news which indicated that the company was going out of business was just another one of those false alarms.
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false arrest (s) (nouns), false arrests (pl)
An unjustified holding of someone in custody by the police which is not legally justified: Sharon was suing the police for her false arrest because she didn't do anything wrong.
On the wall of a dentist's office: Alway be true to your teeth or they will be false to you.
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