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fallacy (s) (noun), fallacies (pl)
1. That which is not realistic or has defects or errors in reasoning: There are many popular fallacies about medicine.
2. A statement or an argument that is not in accordance with facts, realities, or actualities: The fallacies presented by the two politicians were exposed by reporters on TV, the radio, and in newspapers.
3. Incorrectness of reasoning or belief; erroneousness: Josh's fallacy was that his company would have a big profit; however, it actually resulted in a big financial loss.
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pathetic fallacy (s) (noun), pathetic fallacies (pl)
The attribution of human feelings or qualities to inanimate nature, often thought of as a device producing false emotionalism: Susan, the patient, was observed talking to the rocks in the garden, making pathetic fallacies; such as, asking if the rocks were enjoying the sunshine.