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fairy, ferry, ferry
fairy (FAIR ee) (noun)
An imaginary creature that looks like a very small human being, has magic powers, and sometimes wings: When Marge was a child she loved reading her favorite fairy-tale book which took her into the land of the most charming fairy of all.
ferry (FAIR ee) (verb)
To carry or to move someone or something on a vehicle; such as, a boat or car, usually for a short distance between two places: The boat will ferry, or take, people to the island.
ferry (FAIR ee) (noun)
A ferry or a vessel for transporting passengers and vehicles across a body of water; especially, as a regular service: You can only go across the river by ferry because there is no bridge.

Virginia's friend told her that the dentist put a bridge in Frank's mouth; so, she asked him if the tooth fairy went under it in her ferry.

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fairy tale
A horror story to prepare children for the news of the world.
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