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failure (s) (noun), failures (pl)
1. A situation or fact that does not result in a desired end: The failure of the experiment was a disappointment to the scientists.
2. A condition or circumstance that is insufficient or which falls short of a desired objective: The crop failure was a major setback for the farmers.
3. A cessation of proper functioning or performance: After the storm, the entire town experienced an electrical power failure.
4. Nonperformance of what is requested or expected; an omission: Failure to report a change of address can result in problems with mail deliveries.
5. The act or fact of not passing an educational course, test, or assignment: Ralph didn't get any credit for his homework assignment because of his failure to follow his teacher's instructions.
6. A decline in strength or effectiveness: Howard was crippled by his fear of failure regarding his project.
7. The act or fact of becoming financially insolvent: Shanna went bankrupt because of her failure to find another job after her company moved to another country.
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(failure in life takes place when we live and fail to learn; what we don't know, we can learn)
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failure phobia (s) (noun), failure phobias (pl)
A fear of any event, outcome, or situation that resembles or relates to an inadequacy of positive results: People who are suffering from a lack of success, or failure phobia, will do everything possible to avoid such shortcomings.

Failure phobias are generally caused by some influences of unproductive efforts that have resulted from prior situations which had occurred in people's lives that may have happened during childhood, marriage, special projects that were not accomplished, incapability of success in occupational endeavors, etc.

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1. The path of least persistence.
2. A man who has blundered but is not able to cash in on the experience.
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