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face (s) (noun), faces (pl)
1. The front part of a person's head that has the eyes, nose, and the mouth from the forehead down to the chin: The face shows emotions; such as, sadness or there are happy faces.
2. The way a situation is seen or thought of by people: If she wins the election, it will change the face of American politics.
3. The surface of something; especially, one that is presented to be seen or which has a particular function:
  • Each of the surfaces of a solid; such as, the faces of a cube with six square faces.
  • The face of a vertical or sloping side of a mountain or a cliff.
  • The front or the face of a building.
  • The face of a clock or watch shows what time it is.
  • The sides of a coin showing the head or principal design and the back; such as, when the coin is flipped, it will land on its "heads" or "tails" face.
  • The face or side of a planet or moon that is seen by an observer.
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face (verb), faces; faced; facing
1. To sit or to stand with the body turned toward someone or something: The speaker faced her political opponent and made comments about his behavior.
2. To deal with something that is unpleasant or bad in a direct manner: Jim will have to face the consequence of his decision to quit his job.
3. To admit that a situation is true or real: The people in the area must face the possibility that the hurricane will cause a great deal of destruction and so they have been told to move to safer places.
4. To meet others in a competition: Bob was a pitcher who struck out the first four batters that he faced in the baseball game.
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about-face (verb), about-faces; about-facing; about-faced
1. To turn to the opposite direction, opinion, etc; to reverse oneself.
2. To move in a contrary direction.
3. To backtrack, to change, to flip-flop, to switch, to take an opinion in reverse.
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Faces aut tace.
Do or be silent.
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monkey face (s) (noun), monkey faces (pl)

Having a face that resembles a monkey: There are all kinds of facial types, but there is no doubt that this pumpkin closely resembles that of a smiling monkey face.

Pumpkin carving with a smiling monkey face.

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