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eyelid (s) (noun), eyelids (pl)
1. One of two movable protective folds that cover the anterior surface of the eyeball when it is closed.
2. Two movable folds that cover the fronts of the eyeballs when closed; formed with fibrous cores (tarsal plates) and the palpebral portions of the orbicularis oculi muscles covered with skin on the superficial, anterior surface and lined with conjunctiva on the deep, posterior surfaces.

Rapid contraction of the contained muscle fibers produces blinking; each has fixed (orbital) and free margins, the latter separated centrally by the puopebral fissure, united at the lateral and medial palpebral commissures, and bearing eyelashes, openings of tarsal and ciliary glands and (medially) the lacrinal puncta.

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(Greek: eyelid; of or pertaining to the eyelid[s] or eyelash[es])
(Latin: eyelid, eyelids)
(Latin: the eyelid or its outer edge; hairs growing on the edges of the eyelids, eyelashes)
(Greek > Latin: ankle, tarsal plate of the eyelid; from Greek tarsos, frame of wickerwork; broad, flat surface, as also in tarsos podos, the flat of the foot, instep of the foot; the edge of the eyelid)
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eyelid imbrication (s) (noun), eyelid imbrications (pl)
An abnormality of positions of the eyelids in which the upper parts go over the lower parts when they are closed: The eyelid imbrications often cause a condition that leads to chronic irritation and inflammation of the eyes.
A child with eyelid imbrication.
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