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eyed, eyed, I'd
eyed (IGHD) (adjective)
Characterizing the globular orbs or organs for vision; often used in combination: Carmela had a blue-eyed cat.
eyed (IGHD) (verb)
To have cast an attentive or focused glance or close observation: The homeless man hungrily eyed the hamburgers being prepared in the open-air market.
I'd (IGHD) (pronoun/verb)
Contraction of "I had" or "I would": I'd rather go on vacation than to stay home; in fact, I'd leave right now if I could.

I’d have eyed the menu more carefully had I realized that there would not be time for a meal this evening.

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eagle-eyed (adjective)
Keen-sighted like an eagle.
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Argus-eyed (adjective), more Argus-eyed, most Argus-eyed
1. Relating to being vigilantly observant and watchful with visual perception: Toby, the Argus-eyed cat, was out in the garden looking for a mouse to appear for his snack.
2. Characteristic of someone who is carefully observant and on the lookout for possible danger: Jane, as a young mother of a toddler, was an Argus-eyed parent for anything hazardous that might be lying around in the house.
Being caught by an Argus-eyed spouse .
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