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extricate (verb), extricates; extricated; extricating
1. To release from some kind of entanglement or difficulty; to disengage: Melba's brother still hasn't been able to extricate himself from his mental problems.

The deliveryman extricated his truck from the mud with the help of a farmer and his tractor.
2. To remove or to free someone or something from an undesirable situation; such as a trap or a difficult problem: Several survivors were extricated from the wreckage that resulted when two trains ran into each other.
3. Etymology: from Latin extricatum, "freed from perplexities; from ex-, "out of" + tricae, "difficulties, tricks, confusions".

To release for difficulties or to disentangle.
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extricate (EK stri kayt")
Here is an explanation by cate about being freed from a difficult or an undesirable situation.
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To free someone from an entanglement, a difficulty, or an undesirable situation. (1)