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extraction (s) (noun), extractions (pl)
1. The result of obtaining something from a source; usually, by separating it out from other material: There were a few snippets of extractions of information that Izack managed to believe from the political conversation that he heard on TV.
2. The act of copying or removing a passage from a text: Mildred was able to get certain extractions clarifying the life of the author from his memoirs.
3. The removal of a tooth or teeth: Sally had to go to the dentist to have a dental extraction performed because of a severe case of molar decay.

Extractions of one or more teeth may be performed when a tooth is severely decayed, when an abscess has formed, or when a tooth is too badly broken to be repaired by crowning or root-canal treatment.

4. In chemistry, the separation of a substance from a mixture by dissolving one or more of the components in a solvent: There are different types of extractions, one of which is decoction, which is the removal of water-soluable drug substances by boiling them in water.
5. The ethnic origin or the original nationality of someone's ancestors: Jane's husband was of Spanish extraction.
(Latin: to separate, to sift, to distinguish, to understand, to decide, to determine; separated, separation, to set apart; the glandular extraction or the movement out of a natural substance)
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extraction loss (s) (noun), extraction losses (pl)
A reduction in the volume of natural gas due to the removal of liquid constituents; such as, ethane, propane, and butane at natural gas processing plants: Extraction loss can also be explained when the amount and energy content in natural gas is decreased as a result of the deduction or withdrawal of its components.
extraction turbine (s) (noun), extraction turbines (pl)
A steam turbine in which a portion of the working fluid is tapped between stages of an expansion process and used for purposes other than generating mechanical power: The extraction turbine has provided many rooms with heating because of the devices that allow the hot vapor to be utilized.
Toothache is the pain that drives some people to extraction.
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extractive metallurgy, extraction metallurgy; process metallurgy, processing metallurgy
Metallurgy which is concerned with the extraction of metals from their ores, refining, and adapting them for use.

Metals are extracted from ores in three primary ways:

  1. Dry processes; such as, smelting, volatilization, or amalgamation; which is treatment with mercury.
  2. Wet processes, involving chemical reactions.
  3. Electrolytic processes, which work on the principle of eletcrolysis using electricity conducted by a solution or melt to effect chemical changes.
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