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extort (verb), extorts; extorted; extorting
1. To obtain something; such as, money or information from someone by using force, threats, or other unacceptable methods.
2. To obtain something from another person by coercion or intimidation.
3. To compel, or to coerce, as with a confession or information, by any means serving to overcome the other's power of resistance; therefore, making the confession or admission legally involuntary.
4. To gain by wrongful methods; that is, to obtain in an unlawful manner, as when someone compels payments by means of threats of injury to person, property, or reputation.
5. The natural meaning of the word extort is to obtain money or other valuable things by compulsion, by actual force, or by the force of motives applied to the will, and often more overpowering and irresistible than physical force.
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