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extemporize (verb), extemporizes; extemporized; extemporizing
1. To perform or to speak without having made any preparation in advance: When Steven came home from work, he found his wife extemporizing about the importance of playing with a ball outside and not in the kitchen because their son had thrown one and broken a dish!
2. To compose or perform a piece of music by improvising: Lisa spent her afternoon extemporizing new melodies on the piano and writing them down.
3. To do or to devise something in a makeshift fashion: Hana’s mother had to extemporize a meal to feed six, not only three, because Hana brought some friends home with her after school!
4. Etymology: formed from Latin ex tempore, literally, "out of the moment"; from tempor, the stem of tempus, "time".
To speak without prior study of the subject, to improvise.
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To indicate something is not part of a script, to perform off hand.
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To say something that is not part a verbal presentation, to extemporize.
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