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exquisite (adjective), more exquisite, most exquisite
1. Descriptive of being very beautiful and delicate or intricate: Mary saw a piece of exquisite lace at the Textile Museum last Saturday.
2. A reference to a perfect and delightful person or thing: In addition to being beautiful, Sally Jean had an exquisite personality that enchanted all of her friends.
3. Relating to someone or something that is sensitive and capable of detecting subtle differences: Karen's cat has an exquisite sense of smell and always knows when there is some new food in her bowl.
4. Etymology: from Late Middle English, "carefully ascertained, precise"; from Latin exquisit, "sought out"; from the verb exquirere; from ex-, "out" + quaerere, "to seek".
Delicately beautiful and having an unusually refined quality.
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Very sensitive or well done; such as, executed with precision and good taste. (1)