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expose (eks POHZ) (verb), exposes; exposed; exposing
1. To make something discreditable or criminally known; such as, to reveal the guilt or wrongdoing of someone: The conscientious reporter, Mr. Hughes, was determined to expose the guilt of the mayor of the city.
2. To put someone or something in a vulnerable or potentially dangerous situation: Carter exposed other passengers on the plane, including Holly, to his contagious lung disease.

Some people believe that certain officials are needlessly exposing our troops to harm.

3. To cause someone to have a personal and often enlightening experience of something: Gregory and Marge wanted to expose their children to the wonders of nature at Yellowstone National Park.

Paul's parents were always exposing him to good books.

4. To uncover something or turn it over with the result that it can be seen: Dr. Jackson asked Sally to expose the other side of her arm so he could see the wound.

The plaster on the walls has been removed and so it now exposes the original wooden structures underneath.

5. To reveal that someone has done something wrong; especially, by publishing or broadcasting the information to the public: The news article exposed the widespread corruption of the local police force.
6. To reveal part, or parts, of one's body indecently; such as, to uncover a part of the body for public display in an indecent way: Susan exposed too much of her body when she left the clothing booth in the dress shop while she was just wearing her underwear.
7. To allow light to fall on sensitive material in order to record images: When Burton tried to take a picture with his new camera, the film was not properly exposed; so, he had to learn the right procedure from the dealer from whome he had bought it.
8. Making known by revealing something shameful: These days some dictatorships are exposing their inhumane practices to the world.
9. Etymology: before 1422, exsporten, "lay open, set forth, make known"; was borrowed from Middle French exposer, a replacement (by confusion with poser, "to place, lay down, pose") of Latin exponere, "to set forth, to expound".
To reveal or to disclose.
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exposed (adjective), more exposed, most exposed
1. With no protection or shield; unprotected from harm; vulnerable to danger or harm: The exposed surface of the field is accessible to erosion by wind and rain.

The house that is so close to the edge of the cliff is in an exposed and unguarded position.

2. Not covered with clothing, laid open to view; unconcealed: An exposed ankle was considered risqué in polite society during the 1800s.
3. Disclosed; made public; offered for view: The report at the annual general meeting offered an exposed and accurate accounting of the company's finances.
Emperor finally realizes that a child had revealed the truth of the invisible (missing) clothes.
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Here is an example of a child who has revealed or disclosed the fact that the exposed Emperor actually didn't have any new clothes on as he had been led to believe.

All of the details are presented in this Emperor's New Clothes story.

(Part 1 of 4: fear and hatred of tobacco smoke or being around smokers and being exposed to smoking in general)
(Greek: light, light bringer, shine; morning star; a nonmetallic chemical element that ignites when exposed to air)
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Revealing or disclosing something that is undesirable or shameful. (1)