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exposé (ek" spoh ZAY), (s) (noun), exposés (ek" spoh ZAYZ), (pl)
1. A public revelation about something discreditable or harmful to one's reputation: Certain magazines or the "yellow press" make a fortune out of sensational exposés.

The "yellow press", or "yellow journalism", refers collectively to newspapers and magazines that make unscrupulous use of scandalous, lurid, or sensationalized exposés to attract readers.

2. A news report or broadcast which reveals something illegal or dishonest about someone to the public: The TV program aired an exposé on the candidate's financial indiscretions.
3. A book or article which reveals details of a scandal or a crime: The famous author, Mr. Tom T., made a fortune writing exposés about film celebrities.
4. A formal declaration of facts, or a systematic statement, giving details about something: The ambassador prepared a detailed exposé on the status of the mission that he just completed.
An embarrassing disclosure of something.
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A public revelation about something that is harmful to one's reputation. (1)