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exhort, export, extort
exhort (ig ZORT) (verb)
To raise interest in something by strong argument or urging: The student leader attempted to exhort his friends to march to the government buildings.
export (ik SPORT, ik SPOHRT, EK sport", EK spohrt") (verb)
To arrange for and to send goods or ideas from one location to another one: The people were proud to be able to export their grain crops to poor countries.
extort (ik STORT) (verb)
To obtain something through intimidation or illegal power: The courts realized that the gangster had tried to extort money from the business owners.

The president of the union tried to exhort his members to boycott the export of expensive products. It was believed that the politicians were trying to extort the union president for their own means.

export (verb), exports; exported; exporting
1. To carry things or people out of a place and to take away or to carry off: Mr. Hand planned to export olives from his groves to the processing plant.
2. To send commodities of any kind out from one country into another country: The United States is just one of many countries that exports vast amounts of machinery and food products all over the world.

Maxwell, Inc. was a company which once exported furniture to several European countries.

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