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explosion (ik SPLOH zhuhn) (s) (noun), explosions (pl)
1. The action of driving out, or of issuing forth, with violence and noise: When the golfer hit the ball out of the sand trap, there was an explosion of sand and gravel as the ball sailed through the air for a long distance.
2. A result of going off with a loud noise under the influence of suddenly developed internal energy; also used in reference to electric discharges or to a boiler, bomb, gun, etc.: The explosion of the gun shot in the corridor of the school frightened the children and caused the principal to immediately contact the police.
3. The action of suddenly bursting or flying in pieces from a primary cause: There was nothing but debris, or wreckage, on the ground after the midair explosion that destroyed the small aircraft as it was taking off; unfortunately, the pilot did not survive.
4. A sudden increase in size or number; such as, a population: With the successful drilling of water wells in the desert community, there was an explosion of people who moved there from a nearby overly crowded city.
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