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expiration (s) (noun), expirations (pl)
1. The end of a time during which an offer or an agreement is no longer in force: Two weeks after the expiration of the construction, Jim and his family were able to move into their new house.
2. The act of breathing out: "Sam's doctor had him go through the process of inhalation and expiration in order to check his breathing condition.
inspiration, expiration, expiration
inspiration (in" spuh RAY shuhn) (noun)
1. The inhalation, or breathing in, of air: The doctor measured Dina's rate of inspiration because she had been ill with a lung infection.
2. The action or power to influence emotions or intellect: Jill's work was an inspiration to others to volunteer to work in the remote village.
expiration (ek" spuh RAY shuhn) (noun)
Exhalation or breathing out: When Cleo fell, the expiration of her breath was sudden and she gasped for air.
expiration (ek" spuh RAY shuhn) (noun)
The end or termination of something: The date of expiration on the contract will be approaching soon.

With a sudden inspiration, the author described the expiration of the antagonist in the novel with great detail.