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expand (verb), expands; expanded; expanding
Etymology: "spread out, spread flat" from Anglo-French espaundre, Middle Frenckh espandre and directly from Latin expandere "to spread out, to unfold"; from ex-, "out" + pandere, "to spread, to stretch".
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expand, expend
expand (ik SPAND) (verb)
1. To spread out, open out, stretch out: Justine stood on the lawn to expand her arms as if to embrace the whole world.
2. To make greater in size: Denny used a special tool to expand, or widen, the width of the pipe.
expend (ik SPEND) (verb)
1. To spend or to use something: When running, try not to expend all your energy in the first few minutes.
2. To use time, energy, effort, etc. for a particular purpose or objective: Weldon must be willing to expend the time and resources required to complete this project.

Cathleen agreed to expend her personal resources in an effort to expand the prospects of her company.