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exosuit (s) (noun), exosuits (pl)
Another term for equipment that works by means of muscle-actuation with many more axes or parts of the body that allow rotations; for example, making it possible for the head to be turned, extended, and flexed: "The exosuit is worn like a suit and takes the physical abilities of a body and uses hydraulic power and/or electrical motors to greatly increase the body's normal activities so they are much stronger than usual."

"The exosuit allows a person of average physical capabilities to pickup very heavy objects as if they were dolls or teddy bears throwing them around with very little effort."

"An individual wearing one of these exosuits will be able to handle objects many times his or her bodyweight with considerably more control and dexterity."

"In the future, it is possible that patients suffering from various degenerative neurological and muscular disorders; such as, multiple sclerosis, as well as victims of spinal trauma, will be able to recover their pre-injury functionality and possibly even exceed it much more then when it was performing normally."

"It's possible that in a decade, or less, we may see exosuits begin to replace the wheelchair as a crucial life-improving mechanism for the sick and the injured persons."

—Compiled from information seen in
"Life-Altering Robotic Technology" by Brian Hicks;
in Wealth Daily; September 19, 2013.
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