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accelerate, exhilarate
accelerate, verb (AK SEL uh rayt") (verb)
1. To cause anything in motion or process to go or move faster; to speed up: To avoid being hit by the truck, Harvey had to accelerate his car.
2. To cause to happen sooner; to hasten: Resting will often accelerate a person’s recovery from an illness.
exhilarate, verb (ig ZIL uh rayt") (verb)
To cause someone to feel very happy and excited: Knowing that their daughter, Bernice, has passed her exam will certainly exhilarate the parents.

When Darren will accelerate his car on the highway, the rush of air through the window will serve to exhilarate him; however, he needs to remember that excessive speed can also accelerate the process of getting a speeding ticket.

exhilarate (eg ZIL uh rayt")
Make merry or lively; put into high spirits; cheer: "Seeing friends and exchanging gifts during the holiday season exhilarates us all."
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