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execution (s) (noun), executions (pl)
1. The act of killing someone; especially, as punishment for a criminal killing of another person or other people: "Bruno's execution took place with a lethal injection."
2. The process or act of doing or performing something: "Galen and Delmar promised to put the plan into execution immediately."

"Haley's ideas were brilliant, but her execution of them was sloppy and unacceptable."

"Dale's skillful executions of the dances won him fame and a number of requests to perform in other shows."

3. Etymology: from Anglo-French execucioun and Old French execucion, "a carrying out" (of an order, etc.) which came from Latin executionem, executio, "an accomplishing", a noun of action from the past participle verb stem of exequi, exsequi, "to follow out"; from ex-, "out" + sequi, "to follow".
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