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1. Clearing someone of guilt or blame.
2. Clearing or tending to clear someone from an alleged legal fault or guilt; excusing.
3. Applied to evidence which may justify or excuse an accused defendant's actions and which will tend to show the defendant is not guilty or has no criminal intent.
4. Etymology: from Middle Latin exculpatus, past particple of exculpare, from Latin ex culpa, from ex-, "from" + culpa, "blame".

Something exculpatory frees a person from accusations; in other words, exculpatory evidence helps to prove that an accused individual is not guilty.

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exculpatory clause
1. A contract clause which releases one of the parties from liability for his/her wrongful acts.
2. A provision in a document which protects a party from liability arising, in the main, from negligence; such a clause is common in leases, contracts, and trusts.
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exculpatory statement or evidence
A statement or other evidence that tends to justify, excuse, or clear a defendant from an alleged fault or guilt.
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