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The reader is said to "excite" a passive tag when the reader transmits RF energy to wake up the tag and enable it to transmit back.
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excite (verb), excites; excited; exciting
1. To cause someone to feel enjoyment or pleasurable anticipation: Jerry was excited by his mother when she told him that the family would be going to see the special movie tomorrow.
2. To make a person or animal feel nervous apprehension or an unpleasant state of heightened emotion: Donald was told not to excite the dog or he might bite you.
3. To cause a memory, thought, or other response to form in the mind: George's grandmother was excited to hear that her grandchildren were coming to visit her next week.
4. To stimulate or to increase the rate of activity of an organ, tissue, or other body part: Bob's doctor told him that his medical operation would excite his physical functions much more.
5. Etymology: "to move, to instigate" from Latin excitare, "to rouse, to produce"; from exciere, "to call forth, to instigate"; from ex-, "out" + ciere "to set in motion, to call".
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(Latin: talk, speak, say; to put into quick motion, to excite, to provoke, to call urgently; to summon, to summon forth, to arouse, to stimulate; used in the sense of "stimulating")
(Latin: to anger; to excite, to stimulate, to stir up, to provoke)