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excision (ik SIZ uhn) (s) (noun), excisions (pl)
1. Often an editorial term for examining material from a manuscript or other written documents: Stephen’s editor wanted the excision of several paragraphs from his new book, thinking it would improve the cohesiveness of the novel; however, the author disagreed and refused to agree with the excision.
2. A surgical act or procedure to remove something that may cause illness or harm in a patient: The careful excision by the surgeon removed the tumor from the football player's knee and he was assured that the wound would heal and he would be able to play again soon.
3. Excommunication or banishment from a church congregation or refusing an individual the right to participate in the religious activities of a specific church: When a young man was arrested for a series of robberies and the pastor was informed of his multiple misdeeds, there was an excision of the person's name from membership.
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