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excerpt (s) (noun), excerpts (pl)
1. A section or passage taken from a longer work; such as, a book, a movie, a musical composition, or a document; an extract: Last Sunday, the minister read excerpts from the book of Genesis, in the Bible, to his congregation during his religious sermon.

Mrs. Song played an excerpt from a concerto on her violin to demonstrate that it is an important musical instrument of an orchestra.

2. Etymology: from Latin ex-, "out" + carpere, "to pluck, to pick"; so the Roman word for an extract or a passage from a book or writing was excerptum, "excerpt".
— Compiled from information located in
Reader's Digest Family Word Finder; The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.,
Pleasantville, New York; 1975; page 276.
A passage from a speech, book, film, etc.
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excerpt (verb), excerpts; excerpted; excerpting
1. The action of making selections from a book, manuscript, etc.
2. To take a part from a longer work or to select a section or passage from a longer work; to abridge by choosing representative sections.
This entry is located in the following units: carpo-, carp- (cerp-) + (page 1) ex-, e-, ef- (page 2)
excerpt, excerpt, extract, extract
excerpt (EK surpt") (noun)
A carefully selected literary passage, usually small or short: As part of her speech to the doctors, the nurse read an excerpt from her medical text.
excerpt (EK surpt") (verb)
To extract, to select, to take out, or to quote passages from a book, etc.: When you decide to excerpt a passage from a text, be sure to credit it properly; otherwise, you might be accused of plagiarism.
extract (ik STRAKT) (noun)
Usually a large selection from a literary passage: Nola's job was to write the extract from the exciting new novel for the book review.
extract (ik STRAKT) (verb)
1. To pull something out: While the dentist was working to extract Selma's tooth, he was also trying to extract information about the new concert series at the symphony from her.
2. To obtain information from someone who is reluctant to provide anything: Maxwell's aunt tried to acquire or extract information from the police for her new novel, but she wasn't successful.

The extract which Haley prepared for the newspaper contained an especially touching excerpt from a famous novel.