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exceptionable (adjective), more exceptionable, most exceptionable
Liable to create or provoke objection, or disapproval; objectionable: Of all of Tom's essays, the last one was exceptionable because his teacher was sure he had copied much of it from the internet.
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exceptionable, exceptional
exceptionable (ik SEP shuh nuh buhl) (adjective)
Describing something liable to be objectionable or offensive: The teachers attempted to censor the disgusting or exceptionable passages in the new novel assigned to the students.
exceptional (ik SEP shuh nuhl) (adjective)
Pertaining to a condition differing from the norm, either better than average or worse than average: There was an exceptional amount of rain in the summer and, as a result, the rivers ran very high.

The exceptional remark made by the politician was deemed exceptionable by the electoral committee.