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exalt (verb), exalts; exalted; exalting
1. To glorify, to praise, or to honor: "Bertha's behavior in her political position has exalted the power and prestige of her office."
2. To highly praise someone or something: "The teacher's scholastic evaluations have exalted Clifton's learning skills to such a degree that he can be assured of getting a scholarship for his advanced studies in a university."

"The retiring medical doctor was exalted by his medical colleagues for his outstanding career."

3. To present something in a way that is very favorable or even too favorable: "Willard exalts his contributions to the settlement of the labor dispute with his company."
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exalted (adjective)
1. Elevated in rank, character, or status: "Despite his youth, Ross rose to an exalted position in his company."
2. Exaggerated, excessively high, or inflated: "Elaine has an exalted opinion of her contributions to the success of the project."
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