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exacerbate (verb), exacerbates; exacerbated; exacerbating
1. To increase the severity of, to aggravate, to exasperate, to irritate: Studies have found that smoking exacerbates and disrupts a restful night and causes sleep apnea, which is a disorder where breathing stops and starts while a person is sleeping which make it difficult to get restful sleep.
2. To increase the sharp stinging pain or bitterness of; to aggravate or to make a disease, pain, annoyance, etc. worse: When Steven was bitten by a mosquito, he scratched his skin at that spot and doing this exacerbated the itchiness of it even more and caused it to bleed.
To irritate or to make more violent.
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To render more bitter.
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To make someone more unpleasant.
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To aggravate.
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