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evaporate (verb), evaporates; evaporated; evaporating
1. To lose, or cause to lose, liquid by changing water into steam and leaving a more concentrated residue: "As something evaporates, it changes a liquid into a mist or fumes which is usually done by heating to just below its boiling point, or to change from a liquid to a mist in this way."

"The solution was evaporated to dryness."

3. To remove liquid from something, usually by heating, to produce a more concentrated or solid substance: "Bruce evaporated the oil by heating it enough to evaporate any remaining moisture."
4. To disappear gradually, or to fade away to nothing: "The militancy of the group had evaporated since their defeat by government forces."

"To evaporate something; such as, a metal film on a surface through the condensation of a gaseous or a steam substance."

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evaporated milk (s) (noun), evaporated milks (pl)
A white liquid that comes from cows, goats, and sheep which has been thickened, or concentrated, by removing some of the water by reducing it: "Evaporated milk consists of unsweetened milk that is made by evaporating some of the water from the whole milk."

"Evaporated milk is labeled as enriched whole milk that is concentrated, sterilized, and often canned."

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