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evaporate (verb), evaporates; evaporated; evaporating
1. To lose, or cause to lose, liquid by changing water into steam and leaving a more concentrated residue: "As something evaporates, it changes a liquid into a mist or fumes which is usually done by heating to just below its boiling point, or to change from a liquid to a mist in this way."

"The solution was evaporated to dryness."

3. To remove liquid from something, usually by heating, to produce a more concentrated or solid substance: "Bruce evaporated the oil by heating it enough to evaporate any remaining moisture."
4. To disappear gradually, or to fade away to nothing: "The militancy of the group had evaporated since their defeat by government forces."

"To evaporate something; such as, a metal film on a surface through the condensation of a gaseous or a steam substance."

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